Smart Electricity Meter – embedded software

Smart electricity meter – embedded software

Working closely with our multinational customer, A2E have optimised and enhanced the embedded software within their existing electricity meter to become aligned to the requirements of the UK market.

This involved understanding and rationalising the existing code, base-lining it, and then working closely with the customer to design and implement required functionality, whilst balancing the constraints of embedded devices and metrological regulations.

A2E have demonstrated  a concrete understanding and capability in how to successfully implement the many detailed requirements specified in the UK and European specifications, MID (Measurement Instrument Device), the DLMS User Association “rainbow books” (COSEM –  Companion Specification for Energy Metering and OBIS – Object Identification System), GBCS (Great Britain Companion Specification) and SSWG (Smart Specification Working Group) and the Zigbee Alliance Smart Energy Standard.

A2E have specific experience in implementing these solutions, working in parallel with the customer, augmenting their in-house development staff, and building co-operatively towards a shared project goal, to specification and budget.