Smart Meter SMETS2 compliant WAN radio

Fitting in with our multinational client’s in-house Agile process, an A2E team of embedded software engineers designed additional functionality and bug fixes for their SMETS2 compliant proprietary WAN radio.

Smart Meter WAN Emulator Development

A2E were engaged to develop the Host Software for our client’s Emulator.

This involved:

  • Interface with the SDK
  • Interface with the HAN processor
  • Gas Proxy Development
  • Custom DLMS server implementation
  • DLMS Server supporting Gas Meter and IHD
  • DLMS Tunnelling support for Electricity Meter
  • Development of End to End Test approach using Test Scripts and DLMS Client, SMT, Commshub, Gas Meter, Electric Meter, and IHDs


Power Utility Smart Metering Trial

Working for a major power utility, A2E provided software services to integrate their communications stack with a proposed electricity meter

  • Implemented functionality including Meter communications, Message Mapping, Zigbee Agent, Secure Communications with meter including Key Management, Tariff Import and Export etc.
  • Developed End to End Test and Regression Test System allowing testing of Communications, Meters and connected HAN Devices