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Medical and Life Sciences

A2E has contributed to a wide variety of medical device developments in areas such as prosthetics, electrophoresis and electronic surgical tools. The A2E team has experience of developing analytical medical devices and life science products.

We partner with the customer, and our sister company Wideblue, to achieve product certification to ISO 13485. Development of safety-critical software is a particular area of expertise, we can assist in achieving IEC 62304 compliance.

Portable medical devices increasingly involve cloud communications for data logging and analysis. We specialise in the device end of this communication, with experience in communication security.

Case Studies

Doctor Exam
A2E USB Camera Science
Wireless Sensor
A2E Technologies Sensor
Chemical Detection Diagram
Doctor Exam
A2E USB Camera Science New
A2E-BPS-Wireless Sensor
Chemical Detection Diagram
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