A2E builds ECG test fixtures


Our client, a multinational medical equipment manufacturer, required us to reverse engineer, clone, and create manufacturing and test files for their existing ECG test equipment. A2E managed the electronics, full box build, test and documentation to their exacting requirements.

A2E achieves ISO9001:2008 certification

A2E have been awarded ISO9001:2008 certification by Lloyds Register

This recognition demonstrates our commitment to providing a consistent and repeatable level of excellence for our customers in our electronics and embedded software designs.

ISO cert

A2E invests in new in-house high-temperature test facility

A2E’s continued investment in high-temperature electronics design manufacture and test is paying dividends.  Our latest deep well high-temperature designs can now be tested in our own in-house facilities. Oven

A2E designs ATEX compliant sensor

Our multinational Oil & Gas client required an ATEX compliant sensor which could be used in hazardous zone areas. The requirement was for this to be low-cost, to be small enough to retrofitted and also to incorporate power-saving electronics so that the device could be left in-situ for a considerable time without maintenance.

Location alarm – electronic assistive technology for the elderly

Location alarm – electronic assistive technology for the elderly

Working closely with our SME client, A2E designed a proof-of-concept audio capture and processing front-end to their existing product. For more details read our Life Sciences and Medical Case Studies.

Diabetic Retinopathy camera – medical electronics

Working closely with our start-up customer, A2E designed a size, cost and performance critical PCBA and RTOS-based device control firmware for the customer’s novel 180 gram, portable, low-cost retinal fundus camera. The patented medical electronics device was designed to provide lower-cost access to eyesight monitoring for diabetes sufferers in developing countries and to enable clinician tele-medicine. Read our Life Sciences and Medical Case Studies for more details…