A2E deliver “Casing Collar Locator” Downhole Tool

A2E deliver “Casing Collar Locator” Downhole Tool


A Casing Collar Locator (CCL) is a device used in down-well applications for depth correlation and measurement of the speed of the tool. An electromagnetic sensor consisting of coils and magnets are used to detect casing collars as the additional metal of the collar is sensed.

Our customer had a system which had been functioning satisfactorily for many years; however they had a requirement to reduce the size of the sensor and electronics which permitted the overall tool size to be significantly smaller. The whole system had to operate at temperatures of up to 175°C.

A2E developed a new, smaller electromagnetic sensor.  An embedded processor system was designed which included intelligence to gain and identify the relatively small signal generated by the sensor.

Engineering samples were delivered on budget and schedule.

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